About Thruline Entertainment

Thruline was founded in 2002 by three longtime talent representatives on the principle that the finest career management requires unique vision and focus. Our management philosophy takes a long-term approach to developing meaningful relationships and includes an entrepreneurial, bespoke approach to talent and literary representation. We encourage clients and colleagues to feel unconstrained by genre, medium or distribution channel, and instead to think of themselves as content creators and artists, not merely “work for hire.” Additionally, we place particular emphasis on adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Each year our clients’ work can be seen in literally hundreds of films, television series and theatrical productions. They have been honored with the world’s most prestigious awards, including Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Grammys and BAFTAs. Thruline consists of 18 managers/executives and features a roster of more than 400 clients. We represent several major film and television stars as well as some of the most prestigious long-form television and film writers in the UK and Australia, diverse acting talent from the UK, Australia, France, Russia, Germany, Israel, and Canada, and a stable of writers and directors at the top of their respective fields. By taking a holistic and long-term approach to career management, Thruline has helped clients develop their voices across multiple platforms, allowing them to freely navigate between television, film, online, theater, and publishing.

With 200+ hours of television under our belt, Thruline’s production business has expanded significantly in the past year. We currently have 20+ television projects feature films in various stages of development and production, in partnership with Hulu, Netflix, Fox, MGM, ABC, and AMC. We control a growing library of Intellectual Property and recently acquired a stake in Just For Laughs, the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy festival.

Ultimately, Hollywood is a creative enterprise. We feel privileged to be able to devote our time and resources to helping bring ideas to life, for our clients and our partners in the community.

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